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Many of our customers have questions about bulk mail—take a look at the list of frequently asked questions below. If you need more assistance, feel free to contact us anytime!

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail remains one of the most powerful and economical ways to reach target audiences because it delivers your message directly to your prospects through the U.S. mail for just pennies, you just have to target your audience. CMH can help:

  • Identify and target your key demographics using direct communication
  • Market your goods or services directly to your existing customers
  • Market to large numbers of potential customers

Each piece of mail we send goes through a multi-stage quality control process to ensure your mailing will be of the highest quality from start to finish.

What is bulk mail?

The U.S. Post Office has a vast amount of organizing and coding to do for every mailing. If a mailing comes to them with some of that work already done, they discount the price of the mailing. As a bulk mailing service, we do that work and in turn, can save you money with the postage discount we get. We have specialized equipment that streamlines the entire mailing process.

“Bulk” mail is a class of mail sent by the Post Office at a discounted rate for business mail that has at least 200 pieces and has been sorted by zip code.

So if you have 200 or more pieces of like material then bulk mailing is for you!

Who sends bulk mail?

Both for-profit and nonprofit organizations have found the value in sending their mailings bulk as it not only saves hundreds of dollars on postage and handling, it frees up valuable staff time!

Certain nonprofit (501c3) organizations authorized by the Post Office can save even more money on postage. The authorization process is free and you don’t need to purchase a mailing permit…you can use ours! Ask us for the form to get you started.

So if you have 200 or more pieces of like material then bulk mailing is for you!

How does the bulk mailing work?

You can start the process by simply dropping off your mailing piece(s) at our handy loading dock. Or, you can just tell your printer when it’s done and they’ll send it over to us. Next we will print addresses directly onto your mailing piece, saving you the high cost of labels and staff time putting them on. Then, we can fold your mail piece, stuff it into an envelope, seal it or tab a self-mailer if needed. Finally, we drop your completed mailing at the Post Office.

How do I get you my mailing list?

If you have a mailing list, you can email it directly to us or bring it to us on a flash drive. We will then import your list into our state-of-the-art software which will certify your mailing. This means that our software talks to the Post Office via computer and can identify incorrect and/or undeliverable addresses. In addition, for a small fee, we can clean up and update your mailing lists and send corrected lists back to you so you don’t need to waste postage or the mailing by sending to an old address.

What if I don’t have a mailing list?

Don’t have a mailing list? No problem. If you don’t have a list we can purchase targeted lists to suit your needs.

Do you handle partial jobs?

We can handle any part of your mailing needs. We can handle entire jobs—start to finish. But, if your job is already completed by your staff and you just need the bulk or first class postage metered, no problem, we can take care of this, too!